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Soondeal Electronics Company Limited is a technology corporation setting research and development and sales products, founded in 2009, mainly engaged in Mobile charger, Power adapter, USB Cable and Consumer electronics . .These products have high performance microprocessor technology to power your battery safely and quickly , The main products are battery chargers that can be used in the Mobile Phone Electrical-Vehicle ,wheelchair, scooters, motorcycles, RC toy, RC flight, mobile light/lamp, LED lamp and many kinds of portable electrical device. After many years experiences, Soondeal Electronics made a superb technology and rich experience of senior r&d engineers. We can develop battery chargers for NiMH, NiCd, Lead-Acid and Li-Ion batter pack. The AC/DC and DC/DC power adapter is also our produces family. Our quality policy is : providing high reliability of the products, providing high satisfaction service.We are equipped with the advanced production and kind of test in